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Our job listings come from thousands of employers, connecting you to opportunities all over North America. Users of SummerJobFinder enjoy updated lists of jobs that are perfectly tailored to their interests.

Summer Employee in Santorini Greece Taking a Break from her Hotel Job

By connecting directly to employers who are in search of summer employees, SummerJobFinder takes the guesswork out of finding you the perfect job. Additionally, learn about resume writing, specific job requirements, where and when to look for certain jobs as well as receiving quick and easy connections to employers.

Right here on SummerJobFinder you’ll enjoy:

  • Over 100 pages of information about summer employment
  • Access to over a thousand employers actively looking for summer employees
  • Industry information on how to get jobs, certain job requirements, training information and resume tips
  • Access to jobs that aren’t listed in other locations.

SummerJobFinder has information regarding all types of summer jobs. For example, on the website, you will be able to find information on:

Alaska Jobs Find jobs that will allow you to work in Alaska while making incredible money over the course of a summer. Fishing jobs, deckhand jobs and seafood processing jobs are all excellent ways to take advantage of your summer.

Land Tour Jobs Find out about different land tour jobs that are available through SummerJobFinder. Land tour jobs are a great way to experience travel and get involved with tourism, while making money over your summer break.

Government Jobs Working for one of the national parks might mean getting a job like that of a park ranger or working as a tour guide.

Dude Ranch Jobs Find out what its like working on a dude ranch. Jobs on dude ranches might include being a cook, counselor, barn attendant, being a wrangler or working at a lodge.

Resort Jobs Resort jobs are a great way to live the vacation style life and still earn good money over the summer. Waiting tables, bartending, cleaning rooms or running events are all viable summer jobs at a resort.

Theme Park Jobs Theme parks are practically synonymous with summer and working as a theme park attendant or the many other theme park jobs is a great way to enjoy lazy summer days and nights while making some good money.

Summer Camp Jobs – Working at a summer camp is a great way to spend the summer. Check out the summer camp job listings here.

City Jobs SummerJobFinder also goes over the many city jobs available in the summer. This involves day camps, nanny jobs, house sitting, dog walking, golf course work and a large number of outdoor jobs as well.

Outdoor Jobs The summer is all about the outdoors. So find out what types of jobs will get you out of the house and into the outdoors during your summer vacation.

Find the Perfect Seasonal Job

If you’re not convinced that a summer working on the white sand beaches of a Mexican resort or working as a park ranger in the Canadian Rockies is for you, then take the time to consider some of the other enormous benefits of having a summer job.

Take a look at the entire Web site to learn more about the different types of opportunities that are available, how to find openings, where to apply and how to make yourself the best candidate for the job. We have resources on all the best summer jobs for college students, high school students, seasonal workers, part time workers and work for retirees who want summer employment. Check it out!

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