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Outdoor guides are people that have really followed their passion. They are masters at their sport of choice – climbing, mountaineering, rafting, hunting, skiing, biking, or backpacking. If they could do one thing with their time, it would be their sport. That’s why they have become guides, so they can do what they love every single day.

Guiding is possibly one of the best jobs ever. Discover some of the most sought after opportunities on SummerJobFinder:

And whatever you love to do, there are people that want to learn how to do it too. As a guide you will work with these people and share your knowledge with them. You’ll help them explore both your favorite sport and share your home playground. Often guiding jobs are seasonal, but guides will travel the world to pursue their sport. It’s always winter somewhere or summer somewhere else.

Guiding Jobs photoGuides have lots of responsibilities. They will be working with individuals or groups that may range from novices that want to learn about the sport to experts that want a guide to show them new terrain. Guests need to have a positive, open relation with their guide in order to feel safe and to cultivate a fun learning environment. Guides need to be able to carry extra equipment in case of emergencies, like rescue sleds or replacement parts or extra ropes and paddles. They need to be able to lead groups with confidence and demonstrate skills with flawless ease.

If you want to work as a guide, you’ll need to not only be a self-proclaimed expert (even if you are), but you’ll also need certifications from established organizations. Each sport will have its own certifying organization. You’ll also need extensive first aid training, with a focus on wilderness application. You’ll also need experience. You can get this by working alongside full guides as you earn your wings.

Once you meet a professional standard, you can begin your job search. There are lots of outfitters that will hire you to work for them. You can also work as a freelancer, but this is harder and for safety purposes much riskier. The pay can fluctuate depending on your sport and experience, but $100 a day is typical for guiding. Some very high-end guides make $300 to $500 a day. You may guide people for several days straight, 24/7 or you may be a guide for a day.

When you become a guide, you’ll be doing what you love and there is absolutely nothing better than that.


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