Adventure Camp Jobs for Extreme Sports Lovers

Everything is extreme these days, especially sports. Extreme sports are a big deal and now adventure camps are offering safe places for people to experience and participate in them. Everywhere that an adventure camp exists, there are also jobs that need to be filled by people that love extreme sports.

So if you love extreme sports like skiing, kite surfing, kayaking, backpacking, biking, wakeboarding, surfing, diving, off-roading, climbing, or other sports that fit in the extreme category, you may want to look into working at an adventure camp. See also the Summer Camp Section on the website.

Adventure camps vary tremendously. Some may last for an afternoon, while others a few days, and still others may last for several weeks to a month.

They may be specialized, where you learn about one sport for the entire duration, or they may be generalized, where you get a taste for a variety of adventure sports.

Jobs at adventure camps are great. It’s always a treat to share your knowledge of your sport with other people. For instance, if you’ve spend years mastering a half pipe, you might find yourself working at Mount Hood in Oregon for the summer instructing kids or adults on how to use the half pipe. Maybe your passion is backpacking; you could be a trip leader on backpacking course for teens in the Eagles Nest Wilderness of Colorado. Maybe you’re a surf bum that knows all there is to know about waves, you could maybe find a job at a surf camp in So Cal.

The options are endless. To find the job opportunities, it may take some searching on the Internet or in your favorite sports magazine to find the perfect job for you. But once you find it, you’ll love it. You’ll love getting paid $50 to $100 a day. A good place to see the options and browse the employers is

Every adventure camp is different so it is hard to define exactly what skills you’ll need to get a job. But as with any job where you will be an instructor or leader, you need to have the necessary skills to be a master at what you do. Other skills that always help are first aid and people skills. Often these camps are set up for kids or teenagers, so any experience you have with those age groups is a bonus.

As an instructor, people look up to you for advice and try to mimic your skills. You’ll need to be a good athlete, but also need to ooze confidence and be a good role model. Sometimes you’ll get training to improve your athletic skills or enhance your customer service abilities.

Working at adventure camps is a great way to fine-tune your skills, but also it’s a great way to share your skills with people who look up to you. So if you’re ready to work at an adventure camp, do some research on what camps are available, and get out there and play!


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