Types of Camps to Work For

There are as many types of summer camps as there are types of kids in the world. And that means that you’ll be able to find a camp job perfect for you.

Summer Camp Sign

Camp workers can be any age. You may be a high school kid working in the kitchen, a college kid being a camp counselor, a retiree nurse, or a middle aged camp director. All that matters is that you like having a good time, enjoy being around kids, and are capable of doing your job. If you can meet these simple requirements, it’s time to find a summer camp that fits your needs.

Summer camps cover every spectrum of people’s interests, so this list is a good starting point, but if you’re a trapeze artist or guitar rock star, there are camps for you too. You just may have to look a little bit harder…

Sports Camps – Sports centered camps attract kids from all over. Most kids love sports, and there are camps for every sport – cheerleading, lacrosse, dance, snowboarding, football, soccer, baseball, basketball, cricket. If you’re a sports nut, you may make an excellent sports camp counselor.

Nature Camps – Nature-based camps are quite popular. These camps are set in an outdoor setting, usually surrounded by forests or wilderness areas. Kids may participate in activities like kayaking or archery. If you’re an outdoor buff, you’ll love this type of camp.

Religious Camps – These camps are set up like typical camps and kids do typical camp activities, but there is a distinct religious vibe. If you’re religious, you may like camps that are based on your religion, but bear in mind that you don’t have to follow that religion to attend or work at those camps.

Gender Specific Camps – There are boy’s camps and girl’s camps. Often for kid’s this is a great situation because it eliminates childhood awkwardness and promotes fun. Also boy’s camps often link with girl’s camps to do co-ed activities too.

Fitness Camps – Yes, this is fat camp. Obesity is a problem in this society and the focus at these camps is healthy food and physical fitness. If you think you want to work at a health camp, you should be a role model for the kids and be fit yourself.

This is only a partial list; keep reading for more types of camps that you might enjoy. There are just so many options. It’s pretty amazing.


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