Seasonal Hospitality Jobs

Imagine waking up to the sound of waves crashing on the beach or taking a snooze in the sand under a palm tree.

Those are the types of things you’ll do regularly if you work at a resort. It’s sort of like living in a fantasyland. Not to mention that it’s an amazing way to spend your summer.

Resorts cater to tourists and supply them with everything they could ever need. The biggest goal is to keep a smile on the people’s face for their entire vacation. You can be a part of that; you just have to work in places where everyone else spends their vacations. Pretty cool, huh?

Beach Resort Front Desk Worker

There are lots of jobs available to run a full-service resort. In fact, every sort of job from dishwashers and maids to dive instructors and tour guides to managers and guest relation specialists are up for grabs. Resorts typically don’t need full time, year-round employees, so this makes a perfect place to look for summer jobs or temporary employment. It’s a great place for college students to spend their summer break.

The jobs are super fun too. You might be in charge of beach games in the Turks and Caicos or a bartender in Fiji, a tennis pro in Cancun, a gourmet chef at Disneyland (see our jobs at Disney page), a windsurf instructor in the Maldives, or a massage therapist in Hawaii. There are lots of sweet job opportunities that you’ll find exciting and perfect for you.

Resorts love having college-aged workers because they bring a positive vibe and energy to the atmosphere. They are also a skilled set of workers that are free during the resort’s peak seasons. The jobs require excellent guest service skills, but they often don’t demand too much experience. Of course, more skilled jobs require the proper certifications and experience, but there are jobs available for everyone.

Beyond the fact that you’ll get to live in paradise, resort work results in valuable experience for the rest of your life.

You’ll become an expert in guest relations, make contacts that you will have forever, and have an experience you’ll never forget.

Pay will vary depending on where you work, the job you do and the cost of living in that place. Expect to live comfortably with plenty of perks like free or cheap food and accommodations. Pay can range from minimum wage to $25 an hour. Take note if the resort of your choice allows tipping. It can make a difference in your base pay rate. To put their guests at ease, some resorts don’t allow tipping. If you return to your cool job for another season, you can also expect a pay raise.

Working at a resort is great.  You get to live the vacation.

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