Get a Job Coaching Youth Sports

As you get older, you sort of filter out of the organized sports scene. But think back to high school when you were a soccer, lacrosse, or baseball star. It was fun. You got to be outside in the fresh air, playing some great old fashioned sports. Good times all around. As a youth sports coach you can still get out there and kick the soccer ball or toss the pigskin.

These are the most accessible of all sports job opportunities.

Kids are always playing sports. Go by your local park, you’ll see kids out practicing with their lacrosse sticks or their baseball gloves.

Starting at a young age, kids are playing sports and they often need coaches to help show them the way. This is an opportunity for you to get out and enjoy your favorite pastime.

Being a kid’s sports coach isn’t very demanding. Sure you need to be able to still play the sport and have a bit of knowledge of the game, but you don’t have to be an expert – just a fan who can encourage kids and have an energetic and positive attitude. The job is also pretty easy on the schedule. Youth teams practice two or three times a week for an hour or two and they have a game on the weekends. That keeps your schedule pretty open to do what you want. It’s an awesome job for a college student.

The kids you teach will look up to you as a role model in life and in your sport. They will think you’re the coolest. You get to share the love of sports with the kids. The kid’s you’ll coach are anywhere from 6 to 12. For many it may be their first time they’ve ever played baseball. Those kids are young and impressionable; you’ll get the chance to make sure those kids feel good about themselves and that they develop a love of sports for life. That’s a lot of responsibility. Make sure you like kids – it’s pretty important when you work with them.

Sometimes coaching jobs are voluntary, but other times you’ll make a paycheck. It may only be $10 an hour, but over the course of the sports season that will add up. Getting outdoors and enjoying your favorite sport is a pretty cool way to make any paycheck. The real paycheck will be the smile on your face when you see a player score his or her first goal ever or your team wins the t-ball championship.

And when you work with kids you’ll see some crazy sports moments – goals scored on your own goal or kids picking daisies are common fare. You just have to take it all in stride and laugh. You were a kid once too. Remember?

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