Summer Camp Cooks, Custodians, Groundskeepers, & More

There are an abundance of summer camps employment opportunities. Once you find one that fits your ideal job criteria, be sure to apply right away. With jobs this enjoyable, you can be sure they’ll go quickly.

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Lifeguards – Almost every camp has a swim area. It may be on the ocean, a river, a lake, or a pool. Whatever type of water you’ll be swimming in, someone has to watch out for kids in the water. Your job is to watch over the kids, ensure their safety, and be prepared for emergencies. You’ll need CPR, first aid training, and lifesaving certifications. You’ll make $10 to $18 an hour. This is a seasonal position also.

Groundskeeper – This is a good job for people that like to be outside. You’re job will be to take care of the camp’s grounds. You may mow lawns, plant flowers, clear trails, pick up trash, rake leaves, clearing debris, or other landscaping jobs. Everyday will be different, which keeps the job exciting. Sometimes this is a year round job, but there are also positions open seasonally. Either way it pays about $10 an hour.

Custodial Crew – Custodial work is sometimes combined with groundskeeper work. It’s a job that keeps you active. You’ll be cleaning cabins and bathrooms. It’s not the most glorious work, but it has to be done. Also remember you’ll be dealing with children, who in general are messier than adults. This means you may be cleaning up big messes for $10 to $12 an hour.

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Kitchen Staff – Every single day campers, counselors, and camp staff have to eat. The kitchen staff has the job of making sure no one goes hungry. You’ll be up early everyday making breakfast, and by the time you clean up it’s time to make lunch, then dinner is right around the corner. Work all day and you’ll be paid about $8 an hour. Kitchen staff jobs will keep you busy.

Activity Counselors – These counselors specialize in an area that the camp offers. They may teach archery, organize kickball games, play music, take photos, or do arts and crafts. Sometimes the main counselors fill these roles, but sometimes specialists are hired. If you’re a full time counselor, you’ll make about $250 a week, but if you’re a specialist that works a few hours a day, expect minimum wage to $12 an hour.

This is a good job to snag, if you don’t think you can handle kids 24/7, but still want to hang out with kids all the time.

As you can tell there are lots of different jobs for lots of different personalities. Summer camps are great places to work and you can be sure you’ll enjoy every second of it.


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