Active Jobs at Resorts

Resorts offer all sorts of recreation and entertainment options for the guests.

They often need highly skilled individuals to fill these positions. These positions usually require professional certifications and highly tuned skills. These jobs are the cream of the crop and the jobs you’ll love the most. They are unique and fun.

Tennis Pro – Tennis is a universally enjoyed sport. Resorts often have at least one, and often more, tennis courts for people to get out and hit the ball. Tennis pros can help organize games, give pointers, and supervise the tennis facilities. You’ll make about $15 an hour, plus tips and daily enjoyment of what you do.

Female Lifeguard working Summers at California Resort

Lifeguard – Every resort has a pool or a beachfront that needs to be patrolled. Lifeguards fulfill this duty and ensure that everyone is safe near or around the water. You’ll need to be an expert swimmer, know CPR and first aid, pass a lifesaving certification, and be ready for any sort of emergency. Prior lifeguard experience is a plus. Plan on making $12 to $18 an hour in your lifeguarding job depending on the location. Another perk is you’re guaranteed to have a great tan.

Dive Instructor/Divemaster – Many resorts offer all-inclusive diving along with everything else. This means a lot of people want to go explore under the sea on their vacation. Dive shops will help people do this. Dive instructors will teach courses and certify guests. Pay is based on experience and location. It ranges from $8 to $20 an hour, plus tips. Divemasters will lead people on dives, show them sharks and stingrays, and ensure they stay safe.

Entertainment – There are often shows that take place at resorts. It may be a comedian to entertain the adults or a Sesame Street adventure to please children. Whatever the occasion, people are needed to work on and off stage to help the performances run smoothly. Depending on your job you’ll make $8 to $15 an hour.

Windsurfing Instructor – Gliding across crystal clear water by the force of the wind is a feeling you’ll only have as a windsurfer. As a windsurfing instructor, you’ll be able to teach people how to enjoy the wind and water like you do. You’ll be playing for $12 an hour, plus tips.

Massage Therapist – This is a growing field at resorts. Many resorts are now including spas and massage. It’s a popular trend, and people love how it feels. Accredited massage therapists will easily find employment and can plan on making $15 to $18 an hour, plus tips.

Getting these jobs is not easy because there is lots of competition. If you do get one, be sure to count your lucky stars. Doing what you love is the best.


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