Reforestation Jobs

Did you know that the average American uses 7 trees per year for wood, paper, and various other products? Now when you multiply that by roughly 275 million Americans. That’s nearly 2 billion trees cut down per year in the United States! That’s a ridiculous number of trees that we lose each year.

Now there is no way that America can go without trees, so every year new trees must be planted to replace the trees that were cut down. This is where tree planting jobs come into play. Healthy forests are what nature is all about.

They allow for wildlife habitats, keep erosion to a minimum, provide strong watersheds, and improve air quality. All of that is vital for us to keep our backcountry playgrounds.

In order for our playgrounds to be playgrounds for future generations, people need to spend time replanting trees. If ensuring the futures of our depleted forests is something you’re concerned about, you may want to consider being involved in reforestation projects.

Private outdoor groups usually run reforestation projects on contract from the forest service. It’s hard work. Reforestation projects take place in remote locations where trees need to be replanted. Generally the most work is found in the Pacific Northwest. There are lots of jobs available in reforestation projects, so don’t think you’ll just be digging holes and planting trees.

Tree planting projects set up full work camps in the woods that will be there for the summer season. People are needed to do all kinds of work. Road maintenance is a big job that is critical so that a road to the outside world can be maintained. Another job is slash piler/burner, where you collect wood debris and burn it in a controlled environment. Tree planters have one of the biggest jobs, which involve planting as many trees as you can everyday. Tree nursery workers help maintain the trees and ensure that the trees will grow into a healthy forest.
Other jobs may include clean up teams, fire lookouts, varmint catching, tree netting, seed cultivation, or trail repair.

Reforestation jobs are not too hard to get. You just need to apply with a reforestation company and be willing to work long, hard hours every day. Usually accommodations are provided and your paychecks are often based on the number of trees you plant or some other sort of statistic. Your first year you could make a few thousands, but after you become a seasoned tree planting vet, plan on $10,000 or more in 3 months work. Be sure to learn all the pay details before you sign a contract.

The most important thing to note is that after your summer season of working in the reforestation world is to know that you can go back to your winter job or back to school with money in your pocket and be proud of what you did. Plus you’ll always appreciate the products that come from trees more than most people.


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