The Seasonal Working Vacation

Are you ready to live the vacation? You know you’re doing something right when other people go on vacation where you live and work. That’s a pretty cool thing about summer jobs.

You’ll have the chance to spend the season in a cool place that most people get to spend one week a year visiting.

Summer Employee in Santorini Greece Taking a Break from her Hotel Job

Living in a place is so much cooler than just visiting it. You’ll learn the ins and out of the place. What restaurant has the best burgers, who serves the best smoothie, and what bar has the best beer are all things that are hard to nail down on a week long vacation, but as a local you’ll be living the good life.

In Focus: Working Holidays in Nicaragua

Now don’t get the wrong idea – your life won’t be all fun and games. You will have to work your summer job. That’s kind of the whole point of the summer job – to work and make money, right? So everyday you’re going to have to wake up and get to the grind. But remember it won’t be in a suit and tie going to a cubicle in a skyscraper. No, your office is going to be some place much cooler. It may be the local park, a crazy class IV whitewater river, a train in the wilderness of the Rockies, an adventure ski camp on a glacier, a tree planting camp in a never-ending wilderness area, a fish hatchery in a wildlife habitat, or a mountain hut looking up towards Alaska’s Denali. Who knows where you’ll end up, but you better bet that it’ll be a cool spot.

Everything to make your summer epic is in your hands. You need to get started now. Do some research about yourself. What you like, no, what you love to do? Where do you want to do it? Then find a company that meets your needs. Research that company and get your application in ASAP. Find a couple of jobs you’d be stoked to do in places you’d by hyped to live. Get those applications in early. Once you get your job offers, pick your favorite. Then here is one of the most important things – even though you’ll be super eager to get out and get working, stay focused on school or whatever else you’re doing. Just be patient. Summer will come. And then it’s on…


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