Opportunities at Specialized Summer Camps

There are so many types of camps for you to choose from. The most important thing is to pick a type of camp where you enjoy the activities, and then it won’t seem like work at all.

Summer Camp Kids and Staff Roasting Marshmallows by Campfire

Scouting Camps – This includes both Boy Scout and Girl Scout camps. It is a great place for kids to work on merit badges, promote their troop, and have fun. Usually the people who work here are former scouts themselves.

Themed Camps – These camps focus on specific interests, activities and hobbies. And this is a huge category of camps. Writing, karate, chess, outer space, cooking, modeling, etiquette, sewing, secret agents, stunt, and yoga are examples. Counselors at these camps need to be skilled at the camps activities to be considered.

Academic Camp – The focus here is on academics. Academic camps are for the gifted and talented, but also for kid’s that are interested in subjects like astronomy, language, science, robotics, or math. You’ll need knowledge of the subject you want to work with.

Art Camp – Art camps help kids grow their creative sides through art. Camps may include acting, film, music, photography, or animation.

Adult Camps – These camps are for adults. Sometimes adults want to get away from the "real" world too. These camps may last a weekend or a week. Usually they are special interests and activities, but some camps help adults through difficult rehabilitation. These camps are very satisfying to work with, but don’t fit the normal camp stereotype.

Special Needs Camps – These are special camps set up especially for the mental and physical disabled. These camps need extra staff and you may need certifications beyond what is required by other camps.

Boot Camps – When you’re young, you sometimes choose the wrong path and end up in trouble with the law and your punishment may be to go to Boot Camp. Boot camps operate all year long. This is one of the more challenging camps to work at because often your campers are ruthless and disorderly. Your job is to maintain control, provide a positive attitude, and promote change in the lives of these boys.

Day Camps – If you work at a day camp, your days run about 8 to 5 or so. You will still have your nights off to do what you want. These camps do lots of the same activities that other camps do, but the campers don’t stay overnight.

Once you find the type of camp you like, be sure to look for a camp in the area you want to work. You should check for accreditation with the American Camping Association. The Internet is a good source for information on summer camps. Good luck!


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