Summer Jobs at Amusement Parks

When you peak at the top of the roller coaster, the ride drops out from below you, and you’re surrounded by screaming teenagers and college kids having the thrill of their lives, then and only then will you know why you decided to work at an amusement park for the summer.

Amusement parks offer great summer jobs for thrill seeking people. The focus at amusement parks is the excitement and adventure of crazy roller coasters and the carnival like atmosphere.

There are lots of jobs available at amusement parks too. The jobs usually last for the summer and not many employees return the following year. This isn’t because the job is no fun, but instead because there are not many opportunities for advancement.

All over the country there are amusement parks that need employees and there are plenty of jobs for the taking. And most of them do not require prior experience or even an impressive resume, although they will help you build your own resume. They do require an interview and a desire to work. Unlike theme parks, amusement parks don’t focus on guest service and that’s okay with the free spirited age group that visit them. It’s also easier on the employees.

There are lots of jobs available at amusement parks. You might be in charge of crowd control at the park’s main roller coaster, run one of the game booths, clean up trash, sell tickets, serve food, work security, or do maintenance. All the jobs are fun and they all have perks.

In Focus: Become a Ride Operator

Some of the benefits of working at an amusement park include, free park admission on your days off, free food and drink, or access to shows. As a full time employee, you may also be eligible for health insurance and 401K’s. You’ll also be getting a paycheck. Paychecks will depend on what park you work at and what job you do. The median pay at amusement parks is around $10 per hour, which is good pay for anyone at an entry-level position. Plus that pay rate will increase if you decide to return for another season.

Overall theme park jobs are super fun. They are an enjoyable way to spend the summer and get paid. If you’re looking for a career path, you may want to look into jobs at a theme park instead.


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