Summer Landscaping & Yard Work Jobs

Summer is here and it’s that time of year when people get out and work in their yards. Luckily, some people are too busy to work in their own yards and someone like you can do it for them – for a bit of cash. Everywhere you look there are yards, medians, parks, and gardens that need some love and care when the summer season rolls around. The summer season is a great time to join a yard crew where you can catch some rays, work with your hands, and be outside.

Youth Lawn Mowing Business Photo

Yard crews are always looking for extra workers during the summer because there is tons of work to be done. Jobs may include: grading a yard to help with runoff, mowing grass several times a week, aerating the soil, trimming grass, planting flowers or trees, laying sod, or clearing out brush. Working as a landscaper is a fun because you’ll be doing all sorts of things, which keeps the work entertaining and enjoyable.

Landscaping work comes in all shapes and sizes too and for people of all ages. If you’re a high school kid you may make some money mowing the grass in your neighborhood. If you’re a college student you may plant trees. A retiree may tend to someone’s flower garden. An entrepreneur may buy equipment, market his services, and start a small business doing all aspects of landscaping around town. Yard crews can take on as much work as they want or as little work as they choose. Which makes it a very cool summer job – especially if you want to take some time off to travel or play.

Working on yards is a great way to make some money too. Of course pay will vary depending on what you’re doing, but you can expect to make anywhere from $15 to $45 per hour depending on the difficulty of the job – mowing lawns is the low end, operating heavy machinery is the higher end. That’s awesome money for an easy summer job. Of course you will be doing hard work. You may be digging holes, kneeling all day, pushing a lawnmower, or moving dead limbs and it will all be under the hot sun. Summer house painting jobs for college students are also popular for those who like to be outside making a decent wage.

That type of work may sound brutal, but it’s actually pretty fun. Where would you rather be during the hot summer – in a tiny cubicle in the middle of a city or outside in the fresh air making people’s yards look good? It’s an obvious choice. Outside working on lawns is a sweet job that pays really well, and you’ll have no problems finding work. Parlay a summer job during your college years into a full-time career after graduation – many do.


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