More Resort Jobs – Bartenders, Housekeeping and Food Service Jobs

Resorts employ lots of people, like you, to do lots of enjoyable things. Here are even more resort jobs that you’ll be able to choose from when you’re on your working vacation. These jobs take place behind the scenes. They don’t have as much guest interaction as others, but they are vital to resort success.

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Food Service – This category covers all aspects of food service. Food service jobs cover servers, prep cooks, hosts, dishwashers, counter helpers, and bus boys. These positions pay between minimum wage and $10 an hour, but it’s better than the fast food joint your buddy works at. Often they are supplemented with tips and free food. At most resorts, the dining options range from quick and casual to slow and fancy, so working in food service offers a variety of options.

Bartender – Serving drinks to people is tons of fun. Not only do you take orders, but you also mix and serve drinks. You’ll be pouring beers, glasses of wine, and making exotic drinks with tiny umbrellas. Pay is usually between minimum wage and $12 per hour plus tips. Experience is often necessary, but sometimes you can learn on the fly.

Gourmet Chef – Resorts always have fine dining. Gourmet Chefs are the ones that prepare world-class food for the guests to enjoy. You’ll need experience in all sorts of cooking and culinary styles. You may prepare extravagant buffets or exotic dinners. Resorts will test the skills of a chef and keep them on their toes, but pay them well – $25 an hour.

Housekeeper – Vacuuming, cleaning bathrooms, dusting, making beds, picking up trash, or folding towels may not seem like a dream job, but housekeeping jobs aren’t all bad. You work unsupervised and during your time off you are in paradise. As long as you get your work done you’ll make $8 to $12 an hour. The job requires few skills and no prior experience.

Maintenance – Anywhere there are things, there are also broken things. And somebody has to fix them.
Working maintenance is a great hands-on job that will keep you moving around the resort repairing things like air conditionings, coffee makers, or Jacuzzis. You will also be working in construction, carpentry, electrical, plumbing, or mechanic work. You’ll always be doing something different. Expect between $10 and $20 per hour.

Security – Security is very important at resorts. It makes the guests feel safe and secure. You may ask annoying vendors to leave the beach, be the watchman at the front gate, or respond to emergencies. The pay is often between $9 to $15 an hour.

Drivers – Often people want to explore outside of the resort boundaries. They may want to go to a bar or a town parade. Or they may just need to get back to the airport to head home. For minimum wage to $10 an hour plus tips, it’s a good gig.

For specific details on jobs and availability be sure to check with each individual resort. They probably have some amazing jobs that aren’t even listed here. Good luck!


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