Find a Seasonal Job in Alaska

Alaska is huge in every way. It is the largest state that has the smallest population. It has the biggest national park. It is the farthest north. It has the tallest mountain peak in North America. Alaska makes a huge amount of money from tourism. Opportunity abounds working in Alaska’s endless summer light is an awesome way to spend your time.

Detailed Alaska State Map

The state’s tourism is like a giant magnet that attracts people who want to visit one of the last frontiers. The journey North is for many a once in a lifetime trip. People can explore the great outdoors, hunt the biggest game, climb the tallest peaks, experience the unique culture, fish the abundant rivers, or play in the endless sunlight. People, of all ages, travel north to work in the prospering tourism industry. They come to Alaska to do all the things that tourists do, but they earn a paycheck while they are doing it.

There are so many tourism jobs in Alaska, it borders on ridiculous. Explore the possibilities in this section of SummerJobFinder:

You may find a cool job as a fishing guide in Juneau, a ski guide in Valdez, a step-on guide in Ketchikan, a land tour guide in Denali, a scientist in the Talkeetnas, a cook in Anchorage, a hotel worker in Kenai, or any other job you can imagine. The possibilities are endless and there is a good option for every type of person.

You might lead backpacking trips for an outdoor school, cook gourmet Alaskan meals for tourists, track grizzly bears, or fish for salmon. Some jobs will require no experience, while others will demand specific higher education degrees.

Once you go to Alaska for a season, you may find that you return year after year. It’s an experience that you’ll never forget and one that will make your friends incredibly jealous. You’ll be able to spend your free time playing and you’ll likely consider your “work” pretty fun too. You definitely won’t regret getting a job for the summer in Alaska. You may end up in a hotel doing guest service or in a national park where you study wolverines. You may make minimum wage at an Alaskan lodge or $6,000 for the summer on a fishing boat. Whatever it is, there will be a job for you.

If you want to work in Alaska, you better apply early because jobs this cool have lots of applicants. You may face strong competition for some jobs and other jobs will be a breeze to get. To make your Alaskan experience better, be sure to apply for jobs you know you will enjoy. Enjoying life is always better than not enjoying it.

Every aspect of Alaska is an adventure. It is the ultimate playground. Getting there can take days. Working there will take dedication. Leaving there may be impossible.


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