Mountaineering Guide Jobs

If you’ve ever summited a mountain peak and looked around to see spectacularly endless views in every direction, you know why people become mountaineers. It is quickly becoming one of the world’s most popular sports. Mountaineering includes all sorts of activities such as walking, hiking, climbing, camping, and snow travel in mountainous terrain. And with so many mountains around the world, there are plenty of amazing locations to be a mountaineer.

As mountaineering increases in popularity, so does the need for professional mountaineers.

A professional can teach people how to travel safely and to be more knowledgeable about the sport that gives everyone such a rush.

After you have mastered your own skills of mountain travel, knots, equipment, safety, and climbing, then it’s time to share your love of the mountains, time to be paid to do what you do everyday, and time to become a professional guide.

The first place to start is with your professional development. You may want to participate in an Outdoor Leadership School or enhance your resume with professional development with groups like the American Mountain Guide Association, which certifies you as both a mountaineering guide and climbing guide. They will teach you the skills you need to be a professional and also test you on your knowledge and experience. Joining the AMGA is the best way to have a professional credential that is acknowledged and respected in the mountaineering and climbing worlds. Certification is the best way to make a solid paycheck. Some fully certified guides, can make $300 to $500 a day, but most guides make about $100 a day, plus tips.

Some of the cool activities you’ll get to do are mountain climbing, summiting peaks, ice climbing, bouldering and technical climbing. All of these sports are gear intensive. People need to be able learn in a safe environment. As a guide you will be responsible for leading people through dangerous terrain using safe techniques with confidence.

Once you are ready to work as a professional guide, you’ll need to find an outfitter that is hiring. They will base your application on your recorded experience and professional resume. You may want to start working at a rock gym or summer camp before you attempt to summit Mount Everest, but as a mountain guide the mountains are your livelihood and your playground.

The mountains are an incredible office. They are dangerous, exciting, enjoyable, and endless. There are so many mountains in so many places that are waiting to be explored, and there are plenty of mountains that are waiting to be guided by people that love the mountains like you do.


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