Travel Related Summer Jobs – Your Cup of Tea?

One of the biggest things to consider when you’re thinking about your summer job is whether you should travel or not. When you’re making your summer job plans, you’re probably in the midst of learning, dating, partying, and other college stuff. It’s fun. College is awesome. You may not want to give that up for the summer, but you should also consider that life’s an adventure. Why not get out there and see the world?

Travel Jobs photoSummer is a time for fun, so you might as well go out exploring. The world is a lot bigger than your town – who knows what cool places you may find or awesome people you might meet. Get out of the box and do something that you’ll really enjoy. You’ll be surprised, but most of your friends are probably taking off for the summer too. Everyone wants to get a taste of life and feel the thrill of doing something new.

Summer jobs are literally located all over the world. You can go anywhere that you want.

Spin a globe, close your eyes, and see where your finger lands – there’s probably a summer job there. You may work in a hostel in Asia, lead dive trips in the Caribbean, study snow in Antarctica, organize tours throughout Europe, lead adventure trips through South America, work in a resort in North America, or volunteer in Africa. There are plenty of options it just depends on what and where you want to pursue them.

While there are jobs around the globe, the majority are closer to home. You may end up working security in an Oregon state park, making reservations in an Alaskan bush hotel, lifeguarding at a beach in Hawaii, housesitting a mansion in Colorado, interning in New York, rafting in West Virginia, or wrangling horses in New Mexico. The allure of traveling to a job is the opportunity to live in a new place, meet new people, see new things, experience new lifestyles, and broaden your horizons.

It can be a bit overwhelming, but in the long run it’s always worth it. Try it once and you’ll probably be hooked.

Some people don’t have the option to travel. Maybe it’s a dog or a year long lease, or a need to be close to friends and family. No worries. That’s fine because there are lots of jobs close to home that you’ll dig. You can paint houses, work for the park and rec district, caddy, or any number of other things.

Whatever it is you choose to do and wherever you choose to do it, it’s all about having fun. Only you know what you enjoy doing, so if traveling is in the cards for you, enjoy. And if you’re not into traveling for the summer, enjoy. You really can’t go wrong.

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