All Types of Summer Jobs

The type of summer job you get is up to you. There are lots of options and you’re sure to dig at least a handful of them. Then comes the hard part…picking your favorite. The key is to choose a job that really interests you. If you love what you do, the summer will fly by quickly. Before you realize it the summer will be over, and you’ll be back in school daydreaming of going back to that summer job again next season. That’s a good sign.

There are lots of summer opportunities for you. Here are just a few ideas:

  • work on a fishing boat in Alaska
  • archery instructor at summer camp
  • bus tour guide in the Canadian Rockies
  • wrangler in Wyoming
  • scuba dive instructor in Grand Cayman
  • costume designer for Disney shows
  • smoke jumper in Idaho
  • tree planter in Washington
  • adventure trip leader through South America
  • hunting guide in Maine
  • rafting guide in North Carolina
  • freelance writing jobs anywhere you have the Internet
  • housesitter overlooking the Mediterranean
  • law intern in New York City
  • lifeguard in Hawaii
  • golf caddy in Georgia.

Not what you were expecting?

All of these cool jobs and more are available for energetic workers just like you. You just need to decide the type of job that you’ll be into.

You may want to work in the great outdoors in a national park or stay close to home and work in your community.

Summer is a great time to be outside and lots of the big summer employers offer outside jobs across the country and around the world. If you want to go explore, you may want to look into fishing in Alaska, dude ranches, tour guides, tropical resorts, Alaska resort jobs, theme parks, summer camps, national or state parks, guiding, volunteering, adventure camps, or environmental groups.

Or if you need to stay close to home there lots of jobs that are fun and will keep you entertained. You may want to walk dogs, freelance write, get an internship, landscape, babysit, work retail, lifeguard, tutor kids, coach little league, work at a golf course, paint houses, do construction, housesit, be a nanny, work parks and recreation, or find the local library.

As you can tell there are all types of jobs available. The ones here are just a sampling. Do a little research and you’ll find a lot more possibilities that you will enjoy. Just remember you can go anywhere you want and do anything you want. Just be sure to have fun for the summer.


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