College Student Summer Jobs

Being a college student on the hunt for a summer job isn’t a unique situation. But finding a college job that pays you well, gains you work experience for your future profession, earns you internship credits, or is one where you’re essentially making money to live like you’re on a vacation are fewer and far in between.

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Nearly every college student on the planet is in need of summer employment. Tuition prices and the cost of living doesn’t come very cheap and with entire summers off, it is the perfect time to buckle down and make as much money as possible. Some college students are looking for jobs where they can make as much money as possible, some are looking for jobs that will benefit them in finding future and more professional work while others are looking for a sunny location where they can live for free and make some money in the process. Regardless of the motivation, being a college student on the lookout for a great summer job is a good position to be in, because the opportunities are seemingly endless.

Looking For Professional Work

If you are a college student looking for a summer job where you can gain professional experience that might lead to a more professional job after graduation then check out our job board for jobs of a more professional or graduate nature.

Many of the jobs we have listed provide college students will valuable work experience in a field where they are hoping to go into graduate school or might lead to a more permanent position.

Students who are interested in going into law school might find a valuable internship while someone who is interested in becoming a doctor might be able to find a position doing valuable volunteer services in order to bolster a resume for graduate school.

Business students can find endless summer jobs that make an excellent segue into the professional work field and provide good summer salaries as well. If you are a college student who wants to focus on working towards your future, find an amazing volunteer opportunity or gain valuable work experience, our member’s section has the job for you.

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Outdoors, Vacations and Summer Jobs

There are more than just a few college students looking for work that will get them out of the classroom and into the great outdoors. Whether this means bartending beachside at a Miami resort or leading backpacking trips and whitewater rafting excursions in Denali National Park we have the summer jobs that fit the bill when it comes to the great outdoors. Summer is an excellent time to take a break from tiresome classes and work at a job that you simply enjoy. Resort jobs, tour guide jobs, camp jobs, hunting and fishing guide jobs and sport instruction jobs are just a few of the opportunities you will find out about on SummerJobFinder that are perfectly suited for college students who want to get outdoors but make some money as well.

Money, Money, Money

For a large number of college students, summer work is all about making as much money as possible.
Our job board features jobs that are perfect for the college student who is worried about expensive books, the cost of living and rising tuitions. Processing fish during an Alaskan summer provides the opportunity to make thousands of dollars in just a few months. Conversely, working on a cruise ship during a long summer break offers the promise of money and allows you to enjoy an adventuresome summer.

It isn’t easy being a college student, so make the most of your summer by finding the perfect job on!


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