Don’t Overlook Traditional Summer Jobs

For many people summer means escape. They leave the big city and head towards the woods in search of peace and nature, but not everyone. Countless people can’t leave the “real” world and head to the woods. They may be tied into to a lease, have obligations at home, or maybe they just don’t like the great outdoors. For whatever reason, people are tied to the city and comforts of civilization. It’s a fact and it’s no big deal. There are tons of jobs available in communities across the country.

Summer Employees Loving Their Jobs and Giving Thumbs Up

Being in town for the summer is a cool experience. You have all the comforts – like air conditioning, food, television, shopping, friends, showers, dogs, and so much more it would be impossible to list it all. But remember there are all sorts of jobs for people of all ages – high schoolers, college kids, and retirees. There are both paid jobs and volunteer jobs.

Summer is a time when people want to work, but they also want to have lots of fun. Well all it takes is a little motivation and there are jobs available for people just like you. You just need to decide what you want to do.

Do you want to work indoors? If so maybe you’d like to:

  • Read story time at the local library
  • Improve your customer service skills at your favorite store
  • Cook food or wait tables at the new hip Mexican restaurant down the street
  • Write articles on fireplaces for an online marketer
  • Watch and play with your neighbor’s twin kids when they go to dinner and a movie
  • Intern at a creative advertising agency
  • Tutor a middle school kid in algebra
  • There are lots of options and you may find you excel at any of them. Be sure to consider:

    They are all a good use of your time.

    Or maybe you still like the fresh air and want to play outside? You might find that your favorite job is:

    • Mowing yards around the neighborhood
    • Planting oak trees in a park
    • Climbing ladders and painting houses
    • Walking and caring for dogs
    • Coaching baseball for a little league team
    • Keeping people safe as a lifeguard

    There are plenty of jobs you’ll enjoy. Look into house painting jobs, doing yard work, landscaping, dog walking, coaching, or lifeguarding. With jobs like these it’s hard to go wrong.

    As you can tell, you can pick any number of jobs that you’ll enjoy. You just have to get out there and do something. You’ll have fun and you might be able to pad your bank account or maybe you’ll volunteer and be able to pad your resume.


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