Working for the Local Parks & Recreation Department

When you’re driving around your town you probably see lots of parks, even if you don’t realize it. Every town or county has a park and recreation district that maintains the parks and runs recreational programs. These are huge opportunities for summer jobs because the summer is their busiest time of year.

Parks are nice. There’s no question about that. They are areas set aside for people to enjoy. They could be natural forests, big playgrounds, wide-open areas, or sports fields.

They are built for your enjoyment, but they have to be maintained. You may never have thought about it, but who paints the lines on the soccer field, cleans the bathrooms, or fixes the broken swings? Well it could be you, if you work for the park and recreation department.

The parks and recreation department is bigger than just parks though. They usually run a recreation center for the community also. This could include basketball courts, swimming pools, exercise areas, and game rooms. Recreation centers are awesome. Imagine your college rec center on a community level. How much fun!

Activities are the root of the recreation department. They are always having activities for kids and adults. It may be a spin class or a 4th of July celebration. Someone gets to have the fun of organizing that.

So what types of park and recreation job might you be doing interested in?

  • A lifeguard for $12 an hour?
  • A cashier for $10 an hour?
  • Preschool assistant for $11 an hour?
  • A teen mentor for $13 an hour?
  • A camp counselor for $11 an hour?
  • A maintenance worker for $10 an hour?
  • A sports official from $14 to $23 an hour?
  • A gymnastic instructor for $13 an hour?
  • A yoga specialist for $14 an hour?

Take your pick. There are tons of jobs available in the parks and recreation department. You’ll love working there.

Benefits are another reason to work at the local community park and recreation district. Often for a part time job you can snag free golf on the local course or a free fishing license. The benefits are different everywhere, but it’s worth asking about.

The parks and recreation department is a stellar place to work. Good pay, fun environment, and easy jobs are a great way to spend your summer vacation.


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