Get a Summer Job with Disney

What’s the first thing that pops into your head when you hear the words theme park? For most people it’s the word Disney – or Disneyland. Perhaps Disney World in Orlando.

Disney is the worldwide name in theme parks. They are located in five countries around the globe. Just the word Disney brings an excited gleam to children’s eyes. Disney has theme parks for fantasy, discovery, film, nature, ocean, animals, history, and much more. It’s pretty amazing.

Disney offers all the same jobs that any theme park would offer – food and beverage, attractions, custodial, guest relations, grounds maintenance, merchandise, and others. They all offer enjoyable entry-level positions, but Disney takes jobs a step further. They have jobs that will get anyone excited.

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Typical Theme Park Jobs – Disney employs all the same entry-level jobs as any other theme park. There are always positions available in food service, merchandise, ticket sales, guest relations, attractions, and much more. Disney holds people to a higher standard than other theme parks. Pay starts around minimum wage, but with frequent promotions, it may increase quickly.

Disney Catering and Convention – This isn’t just about nice food at professional meetings. This group brings the Disney service to your event – meetings, banquets, award ceremonies, and anything else. Think firework show at MGM Studios or a block party at Disneyland. The service, food, presentation, creativity, and management are all on par with Disney’s world-class guest service.

Disney Animal and Plant Science – These programs attract people with degrees in science. Disney is on the forefront of animal and plant science and is active in animal care, plant study, breeding, public education, and much more. The goal of these departments is to educate people about plants and animals. As an employee, this is as hands-on animals and plants as you can get. You’ll need experience and education related to animals and plants to even be considered. Not a  great summer job opportunity but look for internships.

Adventures by Disney Tours – These tours take people around the world on tours of different areas like Hawaii, the Southwest, Costa Rica, Spain, Austria, Italy, England, Wyoming, and Washington D.C. The tours have a max number of 30 guests with 2 guides, who are experts on their area. The guides are responsible for all aspects – transportation, hotels, food, emergencies, and the utmost guest service. It’s a great way to travel the world in a safe, reliable, group. The ideal candidate will be outgoing and overly friendly, but does not need to be bilingual or have a tourism degree.

Disney has some great summer jobs and obviously careers. You could be an entry-level worker ready to move up the ranks, a world traveling tour guide, or a scientist working with animals and plants. They’re all pretty awesome jobs.


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