Golf Course Jobs

Golfing is incredibly popular. There is a golfing television station. Tiger Woods is one of the most highly recognizable faces in the world. And most likely there is at least one golf course in your neck of the woods. And where there is a golf course, there are also golfing jobs – the perfect summer job.

Summer is a time to get out and enjoy the weather and swing the clubs for 18 holes. Unfortunately, for most of us golf is an expensive sport to participate in. But if you’re a golf aficionado, you’ll find away and that may mean working at a golf course so you can get on the course for free or for a discount.

That way you’ll be picking up some spare change and golfing for free whenever you want to play.

Golf courses have to employ lots of people. Most of them love golf like you do. You may get to mow the fairway on the 1st hole, keep the greens trimmed on the back 9, rake the sand bunkers each morning, collect balls on the driving range, fertilize the grass to ensure it looks perfect, sell plaid golf pants in the retail shop, caddy for a high-end client, give golf lessons, serve drinks at the bar, or drive a refreshment cart around the course. All of the jobs sound like a good time and most likely you’ll do a combo of several of them. Most of the jobs pay around $8 to $16 an hour. The big bucks are caddies and golf pros.

A good caddy can make around $1,000 a week plus percentages of any tournament purses. A caddy’s role is to help the golfer pick clubs, plan shots, offer advice or feedback, carry the bag, and remove the flag from the hole. Overall, a caddy just makes sure the golfer plays the best game possible. It’s fun, but you need to know something about golf to be able to give advice, it’s not a job for just anyone.

For a true golf bum, the best job is to be golf pro. As a golf pro, you’ll demand a high paycheck for you’re highly skilled and able to instruct and give pointers to the clientele. You’ll give lessons to improve people’s swings, help them select clubs, and set them up with similarly skilled golfers to play with. This is a very lucrative profession and the head pro at a private club can make nearly $60,000 in paychecks. This doesn’t include the numerous tips that golf pros get when they fix someone’s slice or help them get their first hole-in-one.

Other jobs on the golf course are exciting and fun too. Most of them will keep you outdoors, during the summer months. You’ll be doing landscape work, course maintenance, groundskeeper, and ball collection. These jobs will keep you on the move and enjoying the fresh air all summer long.

There are also jobs indoors at the golf course. You could work retail and help people select the perfect club, be a bartender and serve up the beers at the "19th Hole."

Pay varies considerably at golf courses. You may be working at a no name, public, par-3, 9-hole course on the back end of someone’s farm or you could be working at a high-end, private, golfer’s paradise. It will make a difference on how much you make. It will also make a difference on the rules and the competition for jobs. There are lots of golf courses out there, and there is bound to be one that fits your needs.

The big perk of any golf course job is that you get to golf for free (or at least for cheap). There isn’t anything better than that if you love golf. So next time you’re out swinging the clubs, stop by the front office and see if they’re hiring. It’s the perfect summer job.

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