When to Look for Summer Jobs

The general rule of thumb regarding summer jobs is, that the good jobs go fast and they go early. As a result, in order to find a really good summer job – one that you love, one that suits your interests, one that satisfies your summer goals and one that pays you well, you need to start looking early.

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The earlier you can start your summer job search the better. Too many people wait until early summer to begin looking for jobs and then are surprised to find all the good positions have already been filled. It’s a common mistake that procrastinating in looking for work in the summer might mean missing out on an opportunity entirely. Some people begin looking for summer jobs as early as November and December. While this represents perhaps the earliest time frame in looking for summer jobs it does characterize the idea that you need to begin thinking of your summer work earlier than a week or two before summer vacation.

Your job literally relies on it. By applying early you can get a job earning thousands in Alaska, working beachside at a fancy resort, by being a whitewater rafting guide or backpacking instructor.

There are thousands of amazing jobs, but you have to get one first!

The reason behind why you need to look for summer jobs early lies in the fact that for some of the better summer jobs; those that offer higher pay, involve travel, involve living on site, involve specific training, and resort jobs involve a much more scrupulous application process than some of the more traditional summer jobs that anyone could qualify for. These businesses cannot afford to find themselves at the beginning of the summer season without a full or properly trained staff.

Many of these businesses hold weekend training sessions before the season begins, require employees and staff to be specifically trained and interview carefully. After all, a large portion of summer jobs revolve around tourism or summer outdoors activities.

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Many summer jobs that lie at the heart of tourism represent a time when resorts, camps and other related businesses cannot afford to lose money because they aren’t ready for the season to begin. Thus, these types of businesses look to staff early so they too will be ready for summer.

Another reason why you need to start looking early is because many of the best summer jobs require specific training requirements. Be looking early you will give yourself plenty of time to become properly qualified for a job that opens several months down the road. Planning for your summer work early also allows you the freedom to schedule interview times when they work best for you and will ultimately give you adequate time to prepare for the experience.

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, you need to look for summer jobs early because the good positions are so highly coveted. Thus, getting your application in early means being ahead of the many other people who want the same job. The earlier you can apply the better your chances in procuring the job and the better prepared you will be for summer.

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