Summer Employment Guide

If you land the right summer it can lead to memories that last a lifetime. If not, then maybe you’ll at least end up with some much needed money for college.

Nothing can beat a sweet summer job where you’re excited to go work each day. Doing what you love is one of the most important things in the entire world. And when you get the summer job of your dreams, you’ll be doing exactly what you want to do.

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It’s not hard to find good opportunities. There are so many jobs posted out there, even in a bad economy, that it can be absolutely mind boggling without some guidance. But with a little bit of effort, you can land the ideal summer job fits both your personality and your interests.

When you’re considering summer employment, think about it this way…If you could do anything you wanted, what would it be? Now that’s a hard question so don’t answer right away. Consider all your options. The list can be pretty long. In fact, it may even be overwhelming. You can do anything, anywhere. That’s why summer jobs are so rocking.

So here’s a little taste of jobs that might float your boat…

Do you like to work in the great outdoors?

  • Nature tour leader in Alaska’s Denali?
  • Rafting guide on the Natahala in North Carolina?
  • Wrangler in Wyoming?
  • Tree planter in the Pacific Northwest?

Is traveling in the cards for you?

  • Land tour guide through the Canadian Rockies?
  • Adventure trip leader in Europe?
  • Housesitter in the Greek Isles?

Do you want to teach other people?

  • Dive instructor in the Maldives?
  • Windsurfing instructor in Oregon?
  • Tennis pro in Fiji?
  • Tutoring math pretty much anywhere?

Or maybe you want to stay behind the scenes?

  • Housekeeper in a bush lodge in Alaska?
  • Freelance writer wherever there is the Internet?
  • Night auditor in Grand Cayman?
  • Maintenance crew at Six Flags?

Maybe you want to work closer to home?

  • Babysitting kids?
  • Landscaping?
  • College Painter?
  • Dog walker?

Did you ever consider working for the government?

  • Park ranger at Hawaii’s Volcanoes?
  • Smokejumper in Colorado’s Rocky Mountain?
  • Biologist in Alaska’s Glacier Bay?
  • Forestry technician jobs in Utah’s Canyonlands?

Is an internship the way to go?

  • Law intern at a big firm?
  • Advertising intern in San Francisco?
  • Disney creative intern in Florida?
  • Park ranger intern for the US Fish and Wildlife Service?

Have you ever considered volunteering?

  • Trail repair at your local state park?
  • Fire fighting in Idaho?
  • Wildlife conservationist in Montana?
  • Storyteller at your local library?

Maybe you can work with kids?

  • Summer camp counselor in the Adirondacks?
  • Children’s Dude Ranch Wrangler in New Mexico?
  • Teen adventure trip leader in Peru?
  • Youth sports coach at your local park?

As you can tell, there are summer jobs galore. Maybe they all sound pretty appealing; or maybe only one or two jumped off the screen at you. Either way, at least you know that there are incredible summer job opportunities available for people like you.

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