Types of Jobs at a Summer Camp

Summer camps are popular with kids. Camp enrollment is on the increase. The employment outlook is solid. Camps are having high camper and staff return rates. Paychecks are regular and respectable. Perks are good. Room and board are included for the most part. All and all summer camps are great places to work and enjoy.

Summer Camp Counselor and Campers Show Off Painted Faces and T-Shirts

Summer camps have lots of jobs available for people just like you. People that want to spend there summer in a fun-filled atmosphere working with kids. Working at summer camps is the type of job that keeps a smile on your face for an entire season.

On the whole, every camp has pretty similar jobs available. Of course every camp is different so there may be more jobs available than just these. Once you decide where you want to work then check out their job opportunities. Here are a few of the various jobs available at summer camps across the country to get you started.

Camp Counselor – Counselor jobs are the most popular camp jobs. The job involves lots of interaction with the campers. You may share a cabin with them, eat dinner with them, and do activities with them. At other camps you may teach campers sports, but at every camp the counselor’s job is to ensure the safety of the campers. It’s a full time job – 24/7, but every minute is jam-packed with fun. Counselor jobs usually last for the summer and no longer. They can be hard to get, depending on the camp you work for. But good recommendations, first aid training, and other skills that you have will help you secure a job. Pay averages out to about $200 a week, but you have absolutely no expenses.

Nurses – Nurses are on-call all the time at camps so that they can care for sick or injured campers. It is usually a summer position and you usually need to have a nursing degree to be eligible for the job. Their qualifications get them about $25 an hour.

Administration – This is usually a crew of people. They have lots of the behind the scenes work they attend to such as answering phones, planning budgets, organizing events, guest service, and other important camp-life aspects. Typically the camp director is the person who manages the camp and interacts with everyone; accountants manage the camp’s money; and public relation people make sure the camp is shown in a positive light in ads, articles, mailings, and media. These jobs are usually full-time, year round positions and pay anywhere from $30,000 to $45,000 a year. The turnover rate is very low.

This is just the start of the jobs you might find yourself in as a summer camp employee.


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