Tips to Help You Get a Dude Ranch Job

Jobs on dude ranches are possibly some of the best outdoor jobs around. You’ll get to meet awesome people, get great benefits, work outdoors, and get paid for having fun. Usually it’s a great way to spend the summer season, but if you become a dude ranch fanatic, you can also find work year round.

The first step to working at a dude ranch is to find a dude ranch that meets your interests. Make sure it is a cool location that you’ll enjoy. Research the ranch so you know all about it. When you do all this, it’s time to get on the phone or Internet and figure out what’s required to apply for the job and what the deadlines are.

Be sure to follow the hiring guidelines and always act in a professional manner on paper, email, and on the phone.

Dude ranches also have an odd practice. Often you may hear back from a dude ranch you didn’t apply to. Dude ranches like to help out their neighbors, whom are usually other dude ranches. If they have a position filled and you seem like a good employee, they’ll send your name and application down the road to the next dude ranch. It’s a nice networking tool and it helps get your application out there.

For most jobs, for the rest of your life, you’ll be expected to interview for the position. This may be over the phone or in person. Act professional, knowledgeable, and friendly. Highlight your special talents, relevant experiences, interest in the particular dude ranch, and your skills as a people person.

After all this, you’ll have to wait to hear if you got the job. Most likely you will get it. But don’t sell yourself short; send out several applications as it will increase your chances of getting a job. This is especially true if you’re trying to get a wrangler job, which has lots of competition.

In Focus: What’s Great About Ranch Work?

Be sure not to pressure the dude ranch for a decision. Just sit back and wait for a response. It will come. Once you hear, get ready to relocate to the dude ranch for a summer jam-packed with excitement. Dude ranch jobs are some of the best. You’ll love your summer.


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