Summer Camp Counselor Job Overview

Hanging out with kids is the epic adventure. You’ll never know what to expect, ever. You’ll be asked silly questions, see funny expressions, hear embarrassing comments, and observe hilarious behaviors.

Summer Camp Kids Jumping for Photo

Kids put it all out on the line with no fear of awkwardness. It’s pretty enjoyable.

When you’re around kids all day every day, you’ll have a smile on your face all the time. The only thing you can really expect is the unexpected. That’s why summer camp counselor jobs are so appealing. You’ll be spending your summer watching over kids and laughing and smiling the entire season. It’s awesome.

Camp counselor jobs attract people that enjoy kids, but they also attract people that are passionate about their skills. Camps focus on certain skills like lacrosse, nature, or outer space. When you find a camp that meets your needs, you’ll also be able to relate to the kids that come to that camp because they’ll interests similar to yours.

Now every summer camp job can be demanding for sure. You may only deal with kids during the day, but usually camp counselor jobs are 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. And kids can definitely test your nerves when you are with them all the time, but so can anything when you’re surrounded by it at all hours of the day. You have to be available to help your campers whenever they need help – 2 in the morning or 5 in the evening – it doesn’t matter, you’re on call. You will be dealing with crazy stuff too. Some kids get homesick, others are bullies, scared, hyper active, socially challenged, or dirty. You’ll always be exposed to a mixed bag of kids as a camp counselor.

In Focus: The Job of a Summer Camp Counselor

You’ll be a role model for the kids that you look after. They’ll look up to you in everything you do. And your main concern and goal is always to make sure the kid’s have a good time and enjoy the camp experience. Oh yeah, your job is to keep them safe too. That’s the most important role of a camp counselor – camper safety.

If you can maintain safe and happy campers, you’ll be a camp counselor success. The rest is easy and extremely low-cost. You won’t have to spend a dime as a camp counselor.

Camps will provide you with three meals a day and maybe more. If you work at an overnight camp, you’ll get a free place to sleep, which is usually a cabin with your campers. Now with free room and board, don’t expect to make a huge paycheck. But do expect to be able to save every penny you make, which on average is about $250 a week.

You have to have certain traits to be a great camp counselor. You’ll need a fun personality and a love of kids. First aid experience is always a plus and any other skills are good to have. For instance, if you’re a bow and arrow nut, you’d probably also make a great archery teacher. Most camp counselors are college-aged kids on their summer break, but if you’re a bit older and meet the qualifications, go for it.

Summer camps last for the summer. They are the perfect jobs for fun-seeking people that want to get out and play at what they’re good at for a few months before heading back to the real world.


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