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Everyone had a babysitter when they were younger. It may have been the nice girl down the street or your older brother, but when your parents went out to dinner or to the movies somebody watched you.

Sometimes parents need a break or are running errands where kids aren’t allowed. Whenever this happens they need to call a babysitter. And that is why there are so many babysitting jobs for people like you.

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Babysitting is no easy task. It entails watching over someone else’s most prized possession – their children. Think about that for a second. Are you ready to watch over someone else’s kids for a couple of hours or even a couple of days?

You probably are. Babysitting is an easy way to get work. People are always looking for babysitters. If the kids like you and you do a good job, your name will travel like wildfire through the babysitting world. Soon you’ll have lots of work.

Anyone can baby-sit. You may be a high school student babysitting on Saturday night, a retiree babysitting for a weekend, a parent watching over the neighbor’s kids, or a college student working during the week. Jobs are available year round.

What do babysitters do? You may wonder. It will vary on each specific situation, but the general goal of babysitters is to make sure that kids stay safe while the parents are gone. This means no forks in electrical outlets, no boxing matches, no climbing inside the washing machine, no touching the hot stove, among other unsafe things that kids may think are a good idea. A typical night for a babysitter usually includes playing games with the kids, feeding them dinner, watching some television, putting the kids to beds, and then waiting until the parents get back. Pretty easy stuff.

In Focus: Babysitter Training

The most important thing is that the kids stay safe, but accidents do happen. Babysitters must be prepared for emergencies.

That is why first aid training is important and also contact numbers (like Mom’s cell phone) should be written down. It also means that you need to consider some things before you take on babysitting jobs – how old are the kids? How many kids? Can I watch all these kids at one time? What hours can I work? Where will I work? How much will I get paid? After you get the answers to these dialed in, and you know what you can and can’t do, you’ll find your babysitting niche.

Pay is also important and it will depend on lots of factors – length of time, number of kids, day of the week, special needs, who is your clientele, where you are babysitting, and much more. You can charge per hour or per kid or a combo of the two. Most babysitters have a base rate of around $7 to $10 an hour for 1 kid, then $5 to $10 extra per kid. Usually, you can set your price and if the kids have fun and stay safe, you’re worth every penny.

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