Nanny and Au Pair Jobs

Nanny jobs are quite common in today’s society. Often Mom and Dad are both working full time and are always busy, but someone still has to look after their kids.

This is where you can come swooping in and score a sweet deal as a nanny. It’s good pay, exciting work, high demand, and you can choose to work pretty much anywhere in the world. Cool.

Summer Au Pair Working with Child

A nanny’s primary duty is to take care of kids in the kid’s home. This means you may live with the family or you might only work at the house – it would be your office. Your job is to help with children of all ages – from 6 months to 15 years old. You’ll be doing all sorts of things that need to get done. Your day may consist of helping them get dressed, feeding them a healthy breakfast, taking them to school, picking them up from school, taking them to soccer practice or a swim meet, feeding them dinner, and putting them to bed. It’s a job that will keep you busy, but you won’t be doing anything too hard. The job is often long term and you get to watch the children grow up. It’s kind of like long-term babysitting.

The most important skill of any nanny is that they enjoy being around children. They must be sensitive and ready for anything. Usually they need at least a high school diploma, and possibly further education in childcare and development. Some schools provide specialized nanny training where you learn about child psychology, first aid, CPR, creative play, and family dynamics. Certain states will even give you an official nanny certification.

Nanny jobs aren’t hard to find. A simple Internet search will pull up an endless supply of nanny jobs. One of the best ways to find a job is to use a job placement service that will help place you with an ideal family. Another place to look is college newspapers because college aged girls are prime nanny material. You may want to check out the International Nanny Association for all sorts of valuable information on contracts, placement, employers, and health insurance. You may work with a family long-term, which could mean years. But every kid grows up, and when this happens you’ll be out of job. It’s not a position that has much career advancement.

Paychecks are regular and solid. You can expect to make between $400 and $700 a week. This is in addition to free room and board, often the use of the car or other family assets, and no other expenses. If you work with a particularly affluent family, you can expect quite a bit more, including free vacations and benefits.

Jobs are literally available around the world. The world is a huge playground and nanny jobs are available in cool locales like Holland, Mexico, Switzerland, Belgium, Canada, Spain, UK, USA, Norway, Greece, the Caribbean, or Australia. If you choose to be a nanny, you’ll be on the adventure of the lifetime.

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