Attending an Outdoor Leadership School

One of the best ways to enhance your outdoor skills is to go to an outdoor leadership school. They are open to teenagers, college students, and adults.

They are a fantastic way to develop and educate people about the outdoors.

An outdoor leadership course will put you into a multitude of outdoor settings and teach you what you need to know to lead people in those settings.

You may find your self sailing in Baja, backpacking in the Pacific Northwest, or skiing in Wyoming. The immersion in the outdoor sport and environment of your choice will prepare you to lead people in similar environments.

Usually these schools are privately run. The big names are the National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS), Outdoor Wilderness Adventure School, and the Canadian Outdoor Leadership Training. The course will fully immerse you in the wilderness for a month or longer. You will learn wilderness, survival, and leadership skills that will help you excel in your future outdoor career. If you’re participating in an outdoor leadership course, you may even be able to receive college credit. The training is intense, but at the same time it is incredibly useful for both your personal and your professional development.

Having outdoor education and training will also help you pursue your dream job. It will give you a stronger resume, more experience and more skills to pull from when you want to work as a mountaineering guide, a backpacking leader, a sailing guru, or an adventure tour guide. The skills you learn at an outdoor leadership school are vital to your success as an outdoor professional.

In Focus: National Outdoor Leadership School

The wilderness skills will help you excel at your chosen profession and the leadership skills will help you be a better guide. Plus your skills credentials are more credible than a self-proclaimed expert. The incredible experience and skills you will learn are amazing. You’ll meet great people and have a blast.

After you’ve become an expert at your chosen skill, you can then become an educator for the outdoor leadership schools.

This is no small task, but it is the ultimate thrill when you can share your knowledge of what you love and can teach it to others in a wilderness setting.

Being an outdoor educator may be as good as it gets.

So if you see kayaking, rock climbing, backpacking, skiing, rafting, trekking, mountaineering, or any other outdoor pursuit in your future then check out outdoor leadership programs. It may be time to build your knowledge and help you stay ahead of the growing competition in the outdoor career field.


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