Summer Job Opportunities for Retirees

You’re done working the 9 to 5. You’ve saved enough money to finally quit the grind. It’s time to kick back, put the feet up, and relax.

You’re retired. It’s nice. But don’t you get a little bit bored? Wouldn’t it be nice to fill your time doing something really fun? Maybe you’d really enjoy working at a fun job for the summer season. You could get outside in the fresh air and enjoy life or be social and help out in the community. Oh yeah, they may pay you for your time too.

Campground Host Sign

There are so many jobs available for seniors. It’s hard to even know where to begin. The first thing you should think about is your schedule:

  • Do you want to work full time or part-time?
  • Do you want to travel the globe and see the sights or stay close to home?
  • Do you want to work indoors or outside?

As a retiree, you value your free time. You may want to have a flexible schedule that keeps you free to follow your whims. If that’s the case you may thrive as a volunteer.

Volunteers get to do all the same things that paid workers do, with the ability to choose their hours. Volunteers are needed everywhere. Your time is valuable and you can help out in places like your local public library or find jobs at state parks – perhaps a place that has been your lifelong playground. You just need to get out there and ask around. Some group that you enjoy and support is bound to need help.

Nature is a healthy environment to work in. And as a senior, there are heaps of jobs for you in the outdoors.

And with your resume full of life experiences, you’ll be at the top of the hiring list.  Or maybe you want to get outside in the neighborhood, think about all the dogs that don’t get enough walks, that’s an untapped market for you.

Did you ever get to travel the world? If not, maybe your later years are the prime time to see the sights. There are an overwhelming number of jobs for tour guides. It would be pretty fun to narrate an adventure train ride through Alaska or explore the streets of Spain. You’ll get to learn, share, explore, and get paid – all at the same time!

Maybe you’re tied down to home. There are lots of jobs that are fun right in your community. You could read storytime at the library, serve food at the new burger joint, use your vast knowledge to tutor high school or even college students, or even start a freelance writing business.

Just because the job force isn’t exactly your age, doesn’t mean that you can’t get out there and work a fun job for the summer. After one season, maybe you’ll be working year-round. It’s worth a try, that’s for sure.


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