College Student Summer Painting Jobs

If you could do anything, it would probably be to hang out with your buddies doing something cool. Well there’s a super great job available for college kids where you can do just that and you’ll get a paycheck too. It’s the life of a college painter.

College painting jobs are awesome. You may have seen ads up around your school or in your local paper for groups like College Pro Painters or College Works Painters that say you can make a ton of money and run your own business. It’s the truth and it’s fun.

Here’s how it works. You get a crew of your friends who need summer jobs. It’s recommended that you pick hard workers who aren’t color blind or afraid of heights.

Then you go to a training program on how to paint houses, price houses, and market yourself as a professional painter. The beauty is that you need absolutely no experience to get into this awesome summer job. The training is intense and is run by the professional, brand name company.

After you complete the training, you buy all your own painting supplies – spray guns, masks, brushes, tarps, and ladders. Next, you market yourself in areas that the big company recommends. This may require door-to-door marketing or cold calling. If you’re good at marketing your painting services, you’ll have more work than you can handle.

Once you have some clients, you start painting. Now if you’ve never painted anything before don’t think painting is super easy. It’s not. In fact, it’s really easy to spill paint all over things that are not supposed to be painted – like windows or sidewalks. It’s important to take extra time to be careful.

Painting houses is fun. You get to climb ladders, hang out over rooftops, get covered in paint, be outside all day every day, and get paid to paint with your friends. You may have to wake up early or stay late some days, but you just have to work until the house is done. It may take two days it may take two weeks. You’re the boss and you get to set your schedule (as long as you run it by your client’s).

If all of that sounds like a fun time, it may be time to start a paint crew with your college pals. You’ll be paid by how much time you work each week, so your paycheck will vary depending on how much you paint. The way it works is you bid on a house, once accepted, that price is the set price for the house. If you paint really fast, you make a lot more than if you paint slowly. Usually a highly trained bidder, overbids by a bit and the painters can plan on making around $8 to $14 an hour or $400 a week for 30 hours of painting.

At the end of the summer, your wallet will be a little fatter, your friendships a little closer, your business know how a lot bigger, and you’ll know how to paint your own house down the line. Now that’s a great way to spend your summer.

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