Camp Kamaji for Girls

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Camp Kamaji is a residential summer camp for girls located in Northern Minnesota.  Each summer we are a home to 140-150 campers ages 7-15 years old who join us for 4 to 8 weeks at a time.

Kamaji is an opportunity for campers to unplug and enjoy the benefits of living in a community of people.  We have many activity opportunities that our campers can choose from each week, activities such as waterskiing, English horseback riding, paddleboarding, sailing, archery, windsurfing and much, more more.

In addition to learning new skills, we want our campers to have a ton of fun, be goofy, be deliriously happy and have a chance to be a kid.  They can do this during our all-camp programs like Capture the Flag, a Mud Run, Circus Night or a Color Run.

We also want our campers to make deep and long lasting friendships with people from all over camp.  We help facilitate these friendships in the cabin with girls of their own age, during activities, with campers of all ages and cabins, through all-camp programs and a unifying camp program called "tribes".  Each camper is initiated into one of six tribes, each represented by a color of the rainbow.  Once they join this tribe they are part of it for the rest of their lives!

We need staff who are willing to help us create this safe, happy and memorable experience for children.  It means hard-work, selflessness, empathy, fun and a child-like spirit!

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